About Lilacs in Bloom

I am a writer.  There, I said it! Writing is my calling. It’s something I have always done, and it seems to be the only activity that consistently fills me with a sense of purpose. Now, after 36 years on Earth, I feel brave enough to call myself a writer. I may not pay my bills with writing, but it is what fills my cup and feeds my soul. And that is so much greater than money.

I’m calling this site (and actually, this entire frame of mind), Lilacs in Bloom. Lilacs are my favorite flower. These delicate buds grow in bunches that look like soft, purple clouds when they bloom. And the smell…there may be nothing closer to Heaven. Here in South Dakota, lilacs bloom for a very short time in early summer. Sometimes, they seem to come and go within a week or two.  And so it is with our lives. This season of my life when I’m capable of writing could come and go as quickly as the lilacs. So, I’ve pledged to myself and to my daughters – I will write while the lilacs are in bloom.

Don’t worry, this site will be more than sappy metaphors about life. I’m a slightly scatterbrained mom working full time as a lawyer in the largest city of a rural, midwestern state. I have plenty of unsolicited advice to share, whether it be about careers, parenting, or week night cooking. I’ve also been writing poetry my whole life, so I plan to share that as well.

I’ve heard writers are supposed to focus their blogs on one subject, but I’m not going to do that. I’ve got 360 degrees here, and I’m going to go where the wind takes me. I guess there is freedom in not getting paid! I hope you will join me on this winding road.

It’s only when you wake up that you notice you were sleeping.     -Unknown


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